We are curious and we are real travellers. Travelling is our passion; we like to discover new landscapes, routes, people and interesting stories. Our goal: to always be the first to discover new experiences. We provide another ‘point of view’ on popular destinations, that’s why we have been a leader in this sector for over three decades.



In 1982, Jordi Ferrer and Germán Saret, two well renowned professionals in the travel sector, partnered to create Ferrer & Saret, a travel agency which can provide the most demanding travellers with customised trips and high added value proposals.

As part of our constant search for excellence and distinction, we were the first travel agency nationwide to offer China as a tourist destination.

After more than 30 years at the forefront of the industry, a smooth transition to the next generation was necessary. To the experience of our founders we added the vision and drive of their natural successors.

Every day in the life of Ferrer & Saret is a chance to add new destinations, experiences and opportunities that will surprise our travellers. The limits are set by our customers!!

At this point in time, a discussion about commitment and social responsibility would be almost disrespectful to our customers, as it is something that is expected of all modern companies. We are no strangers to the concept.

From our responsible use of resources at the enterprise level, to the way we select out national and international partners, Ferrer & Saret fulfils its responsibilities with the utmost rigor and honesty.

Additionally, as a company with values, we engage and collaborate with organisations and institutions that work towards the common good.

In this regard, Ferrer & Saret organises trips with notable humanitarian components and positive goals, like the conservation of fauna and flora, and respect for local traditions and the diversity of the planet.





Ferrer & Saret is composed of a team of professionals who have an average of 20 years of experience in the sector, and over 70 multilingual experts who are able to provide a full range of consulting services and solutions for private corporate trips and organising events and conferences.

The whole team shares one goal: every trip should provide added value for the traveller.


Jordi Ferrer

"A new generation continues the adventure with the accumulated wisdom of the founders and a renewed vigour to embrace a world of opportunities. Welcome to the 21st century Ferrer & Saret!"



We want to make notable improvements to the travel experience, so we offer new destinations and ways to travel after we analyse the options in person.

We design our proposals with our global partners based on each client’s profile. We know that every trip is unique. We visit our selected destinations and follow the strictest quality standards while verifying the services and products we offer. All of this is aimed at finding the best experiences and complimenting them with the best local agents and representatives who collaborate with our operations.

We listen to our customers so we are able to make their dreams come true, surprise them and, first and foremost, find their perfect trip. We prepare customised itineraries that are adapted to their options.

The difference is in the details and correctly interpreting what the moment requires, we are constantly updating our business to increase customer satisfaction.

We define information priorities, lines, annual plans to follow, and the specifics of dissemination and sponsorship actions.

We do this by attending specialised and exclusive fairs, sharing our experience with international partners as a member of many prestigious associations within the industry that keep us at the forefront of trends and the ever-changing market.

What advantages can Ferrer & Saret offer at a time when it is very easy to book a flight and find a hotel room from any electronic device? We guarantee the superior quality of our services based on our vast experience in the sector as pioneers and experts in creating customised tours. We listen to the customer so we understand their needs at all times. We combine our know-how with the most accurate criteria to design “the perfect trip”.

We are interested in what is happening around the world, so we expand our horizons to find new possibilities. We travel a lot so we know what we are talking about, and we have these experiences in person. Destinations are always evolving so we visit them regularly to maintain the clarity of our knowledge. Our non-conformism is what drives Ferrer & Saret.

Our commitment to quality is clear and objective. We care for customers before, during and after their trip. As expert consultants, we always give advice that is in the best interests of the traveller. Over 50,000 trips have proven this.

We only collaborate with the best partners worldwide to ensure the best possible service for our customers. We are members – through invitation – of major industry groups like the Four Seasons (Preferred Partners), Belmond (Bellini Group), Starwood (Luxury Privileges) Relais & Chateaux (Preferred Partner), The Peninsula Club and Rosewood Elite, among others, with whom we have signed preferential agreements to obtain better prices and services: upgrades, spa coupons, transfers, free breakfasts and so on.

We negotiate special conditions that are exclusive to Ferrer & Saret for the benefit of our customers. We are not exclusively committed to any suppliers so we are able to maintain maximum independence and efficiency. We select the best providers in terms of location, service and experience.

We attend carefully selected fairs like Pure Life Experiences, ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) Cannes / Africa, History in Italy, in order to maintain direct contact with our trusted suppliers and get maximum value for each destination: the news, routes, accommodation and activities that make up our unique experiences. They are a source of inspiration that enhances the savoir-faire of every trip.

We also communicate with the owners of the best European historic mansions, leading hoteliers and tourism professionals of recognised solvency. This allows us to develop our Signature trips with a distinctly cultural approach and the utmost attention to detail.

We have multilingual guides with vast travel experience that accompany our Signature groups and other groups to provide support, monitor safety and take care of the little details of the trip. This means our travellers can just sit back and relax.

We can solve incidents in real time thanks to our 24 hour assistance service (for both our customers and our network of local partners and agents throughout the world). We make our concern for the safety of our passengers clear by including healthcare insurance.

We are committed to sustainable tourism; we believe that what is good for the Earth is good for everybody.

Wherever we go, we have a good reputation. This lets us offer more security and guarantees to our travellers.

Experience, energy and all five senses are used to design our trips which create lasting memories for our customers. We believe in the art of travel and its benefits for every traveller.




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If you have any doubts or questions regarding our services, the company or your reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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